May it be Lovely.

During a Friday afternoon of my daily summer commute,

On a particularly empty train and a particularly silent silent car

I saw a train conductor sit on a seat, transfixed on the trees passing by

And I sat, transfixed on the conductor

I hope you are happy enough to always be nice to your waiter

And comfortable enough to tip them generously

I hope you travel the world

And in doing so discover the galaxies inside of you

May you be brave enough to go skydiving and take on public speaking

And may you always opt for two scoops of ice cream even if you think you should only have one

I hope you run a marathon

Go to many art museums

And never stop protesting

I hope you realize your days are numbers

And use that to encourage yourself to love truly and pray deeply

To always shoot your shot and to tell your mom you love her

Over and over and over again

May you always be aware of all the fixing our world needs

But never lose hope that we will one day get there

May your 9 to 5 embody your passions

And may your passions embody light and grace

I hope you have warm tea every time you need to nurse yourself back to health

And may your daughter hit a home run at her first tee-ball game

I pray you’ll be brave enough to start over

Again and again and again

Until you have lived so wonderfully that they make it into a movie

And may it be lovely



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Shaden Awad

Shaden Awad

Palestinian-American Muslim coder college student. Writer. Tea enthusiast. YouTuber.